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July, 2011

The Project

After Internet birth we have access to many documents that had previously been treated as top-secret, rare and expensive. In possession of them I studied the electronic guts of the MSX and saw that there was nothing complicated in those devices (cartridges, drive interfaces …

Amplificador RGB

Venho tentando possuir um MSX 2 já ha algum tempo. Uma saída que encontrei foi pegar um cartão de 80 colunas e fazer uma adaptação nele para transforma-lo em um kit 2.0.

Funcionou com uma ressalva, a imagem estava horrível e com algumas cores trocadas. Então pensei numa alternativa para colocar uma saída RGB nesse cartão.

From the 80’s …

In the 80s when the 8-bit microcomputers landed in Brazil, we were amazed at what we could do with these machines.

Around 1986 I got my first computer, an MSX 1.1 Hotbit made by Sharp. Months before I done a BASIC course. At the time I was 10 years old, had no notion of mathematics that had to learn to program. With much effort, my father gave me this computer, it was time …


A long time ago I had an idea to do something to upgrade my old computers. I have in my “collection” some computers that impressed a 80 th generation in Brazil. They are old but we love them.

Here I will develop electronic projects only for MSX.

In Brazil they are sold by two companies, Gradiente and Sharp.  If you don’t know these …