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From the 80’s …

In the 80s when the 8-bit microcomputers landed in Brazil, we were amazed at what we could do with these machines.

Around 1986 I got my first computer, an MSX 1.1 Hotbit made by Sharp. Months before I done a BASIC course. At the time I was 10 years old, had no notion of mathematics that had to learn to program. With much effort, my father gave me this computer, it was time of amazing inflation. For people who have not lived in this period, see the link.

I spent hours programming, reading manuals, typing programs from Input, CPU MSX e MSX Micro magazines, when I shut down I lost everything and next day began the marathon again. After a long while I get a tape recorder, an Expert gradient model, thank God, was able to save everything I did.

After a long time using only the tape recorder I was no excitement of wanting to learn, play and everything, the computer was dead to me. When I got a 5 1/4″ drive kit with DDX interface (passed 6 years) I was happy again, now everything loads quickly.

But the dream did not stop. The MPO, DDX and Carchano ads in magazines presenting their conversion kits to 2.0 and 2+. I never could buy one of these. They were very expensive.

Time passed and the MSX was “dying”, no longer popular, first the market came with Amiga and then with the PC.

Today the sales sites on Internet, like Ebay and Yahoo auctions, it is treated as a collection item. Collection means expensive for people who sell, but cheap for the “suckers” who enjoy “old stuff”.

I do not spend my money or my time with these sellers. Today, I am able to make my own computer, I guarantee that it is a fun activity. It’s like stepping back in time I got my computer, study manuals, books, get my hands dirty and see my work going.

Ps.: Thanks to DATACASSETE for providing the magazines in PDF.

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